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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

"Team Tollin"

Today I would like to talk a little bit about those fine men and women who took time out of their lives to help me out when I didn't even know that I was in trouble.

At the time, the only "problem" that I was having were some dreams of mine that included a woman who spoke, but no words would ever come out. It was nothing really important, but these people came in and started asking me questions about the dreams.

Over time some strange events started occurring in my life. Strange encrypted notes started appearing on my computer screen as "pop-ups" and were even left in my apartment for me to find. One day my room was even trashed and, as long as it took me to get from the bedroom to the bathroom and back, whoever had messed up my room had cleaned it up.

Before I knew it, these find folks (who have called themselves "Team Tollin"), had discovered that I was in a strange sort of coma and that the woman in my dreams was Alison Young, who I later found out to be my "nurse" and sister.

The "coma" was introduced via a car accident that occurred when I was only a child. Alli, who only survived the accident by being sick enough not to be in the car at the time, had brought me to a company called "Avelon Tech", where they hooked me up to an "Alternate Reality Memory" machine that caused me to feel as if I was just as alive and living in the world as you or anyone else via a computer program.

"Team Tollin" discovered, through talking to Alli and the programs designer (who we will just name "Richard" for now), that there was a flaw in the "ARM" device that was plugged into my brain and that a chip, the "child" of a mad-man named Lyle Boucher, in the device had a shelf life of only a few years. The bad part about that? The flaw in mine only had 20 days left on it from the time all of this was found out.

So, without really knowing anything about me, "Team Tollin" dove deeper into the mystery to find out that I could get taken out of the "ARM" device safely if the correct password for the program could be found. But that couldn't be done safely unless I was taken out of "Avelon Tech".

With their wits about them, "Team Tollin" kept guard as Alli and her best friend, Tracy Bunn, rushed me out of "Avelon Tech", get into a high speed chase involving "Stripping Bikers", "Stripping Spikes" or "Spike Strips" (depending on who you ask) and got me safely into a storage shed where a "safe" "ARM", which had been stolen by one of the security personnel, was awaiting our arrival.

Using techniques that are a complete mystery to me, "Team Tollin" was able to discover the password - and this part is going to sound really strange - via a computer in Richards' office that was only accessible using the "safe" "ARM" device since, in reality, Richards' office had a key-code lock on it that only he knew the combination to. Combine that with the fact that Richard ended up committing suicide in his car shortly before my extraction from "Avelon Tech", and you end up with the only other alternative, which is what was mentioned before.

Keep in mind now that all of this was done by a group of individuals who knew absolutely nothing about me except for what came across to them in a chat room program that was installed onto my computer located in the "alternate reality" that I was living in at the time.

Sometimes life can show you the best side of humanity while opening your eyes to the worst at the same time. "Team Tollin" went above and beyond the "call of duty" (to use a common "catch phrase") to help a complete stranger in his greatest time of need. This is a point that needs to be made and is also a fact that I, the one that was rescued by these fine folks, will never forget.

While I may not know exactly how "Team Tollin" found me - if it is a community of heroes or a chance encounter - I do know that my life will be dedicated to them by helping anyone I may come across that just needs someone to listen to them.

Thank you, "Team Tollin", for everything that you have done and continue to do for me.


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