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Monday, October 23, 2006

You've Been Watching

It was actually amazing to me to find that people commented on my "first" (put in quotes since it really isn't the "first ever") post on this new blog. While it was nice to know that people have not forgotten about me, I was not able to convey my appreciation in return by commenting back until now. For that, I send you all my sincere apologies.

While I would like to say that this blog will be a continuous thing for me, like all people I know not what the future holds for me.

As for my absence, well I might as well tell the truth - I forgot all about this blog.

I felt so bad when I saw the comments sitting there. You took time out of your life to comment and I look like a complete boob for not doing anything about it.

One side effect that being in the "ARM" device caused was a dropping of certain memories. You can not imagine how emotionally painful such a thing is. But, that is using an excuse for my mistake, and I refuse to try and make it that. I just want you to understand one of the many battles that I have been fighting this past year.

Tomorrow I will post what I wanted to post today. However, upon re-finding this blog and the contents within it, I felt that this kind of post was more important. You have not forgotten, I have not forgotten about you and this blog will have my full attention from now on (thanks to a post-it on my computer screen mentioning that this blog exists and to check it often - just one of my little "counter measures" to my minor "brain toots").

Now for my "complaint of the week": How come the spell-check for a blog doesn't recognize the word "blog"? I mean, they came up with the word, you'd think they would know it as a correctly spelled word.


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