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Wednesday, November 22, 2006


According to Mr. Monroe, he was able to locate the older "Nine Angels of New York State" web-site (located here). However, we are still working on the clues given to me by Mr. Mathers, which we both believe are intended to be for the numbers located on the "newer" "Nine Angels of New York" site.

The clues:

1) Julia Roberts
2) The "Mona Lisa"
3) Flowers (Sunflowers, to be exact)

While in the IRC room I was able to talk to Russell. He was able to find, via some research on his part, that there was some connection to a famous painter (whose name escapes me at the moment) and "paint by numbers". What this has to do with the numbers found on the "newer" "Nine Angels" site, though, is something that still has yet to be discovered.

Mr. Monroe also spoke about how there are two options at this point in time, when talking about how to go forward from this point:

1) Find the location of the "Ramaldi Crystal" and destroy it;
2) Find the location of the "second coming" in order to interrupt the ritual that is supposed to take place at some point between "New Years Eve" and "New Years Day".

We hope to tackle at least one of these options with your help.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Philip Monroes' Site

I got a late phone call tonight from Mr. Monroe, letting me know that he put the site up and will continue working on it as the days progress.

Here is the linky: Philip Monroe - Parapsychologist

Friday, November 17, 2006

Joseph Ramaldi and the "Ramaldi Crystal"

Last night I spent some time on the phone talking to Mr. Monroe about the Mathers and why they were killed. Being as they have chosen to leave me alone for a few nights (Philip believes that this is because they have shown me all that they wanted me to know for the moment), I wanted to learn more about their tragic end.

What we discussed is fairly long winded, so I will put in as much as I can possibly fit without going "overboard".

Before the killings of the Mathers, and before the area residents decided to try and drive the "Nine Angels" out of the area, Thomas Mathers spent much of his time collecting strange and unusual relics, both local and from abroad.

One of these relics was called the "Ramaldi Crystal", a small (about 1 1/2 inches in length, 3/4 inch in diameter) pink and white mix colored crystal, which was said to posses both the power and spirit of a 14th Century "black arts" practitioner named Joseph Ramaldi (hence the name of the crystal).

While not much is known of Mr. Ramaldi outside of certain circles, Mr. Monroe has been able to establish via estate papers that the "Ramaldi Crystal" was in the possession of Mr. Mathers from the Summer of 1780 until his death in 1783, where the trail of its location suddenly goes cold.

Mr. Monroe also went on to say that the "Nine Angels" were rumored to have searched for this crystal for years before the Mathers death, only to be told who held it in his possession. From this information, Mr. Monroe has established that Mr. Mathers (either not knowing or knowing all to well the powers that the crystal supposedly possessed) refused to disclose the whereabouts of the crystal and paid much more then he had originally planned on for the item (meaning with both the lives of himself and that of his daughter).

Now we come to the present, where the "Nine Angels" have been in contact with someone they call "The Gatekeeper" (who Mr. Monroe believes to be Joseph Ramaldi). It is only with the crystal in their possession, Mr. Monroe also believes, that the "Nine Angels" would be able to accomplish this communication.

"And this is bad?" I asked.

"Yes." Mr. Monroe responded.

It appears as though "communication with a crazy dead guy" isn't the worst thing that can be accomplished using the "Ramaldi Crystal". Other things include, but are not limited to, accessing the powers Mr. Ramaldi was rumored to posses (contact with "the man downstairs" being one of them), creating a electromagnetic vortex to be used as a "gateway" to the "spirit realm" (an explanation as to why the "Nine Angels" would be calling Joseph Ramaldi "the Gatekeeper") and being able to bring Mr. Ramaldi back from the dead (more in spirit form then full body form). According to Mr. Monroe, the original translation of the document listing these powers listed "going back in time" as one of the options. However, Mr. Monroe now believes that the translation is incorrect in that the words were meant to represent "resurrection", rather then "the travel of ones soul."

So, that about covers the conversation that we had last night. I don't know how this information helps, but at least it's out there so people know about it.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Philip Monroe

I have found a local Parapsychologist who is willing to help us out a bit on this case. His name is Philip Monroe and is familiar with this area, its history and more then enough about the Mathers and "The Nine Angels".

I will post more information as it comes in. However, right now, here is what I know:

Philip has agreed to set up a temporary free web-site until he can get a full web-site up and running to hold any and all information on. The free site, according to Mr. Monroe, will be up within the next couple of days (he's busy investigating a residential establishment at the moment, but said that he will get to putting it up as soon as possible). I will post a link to the site as soon as it is up.

Also, Mr. Monroe has said that the person that "The Nine Angels" are trying to get in contact with, while he has not given me an exact name at the moment, is someone that they call "The Gatekeeper"*. According to Mr. Monroe, "The Gatekeeper" is someone who "The Nine Angels" believe will bring the group back to when the group still held power over the area.

He mentioned that he did not know enough at the moment to confirm if "bringing them back" meant "back in time" or if it meant "back into power". But, no matter what the meaning is, Mr. Monroe has said that either meaning could result in an unfavorable result for this area and, depending on how the group decides to proceed if they acquire control of this area, the world. To quote: "I had always known that they would try something like this, but I never thought that they would have found a way to possibly succeed. If they were to succeed, we are looking at a massive amount of death. You must understand, these people are looking to become the predominant 'species' on this planet. Going back to a time when the area interference would be at its least means that they could gain a massive amount of control in a short period of time using modern-day technology. However, if they are not looking to go back in time, then they are definitely considering harnessing a power that would overwhelm even the most sophisticated of todays technology."

*Mr. Monroe has confirmed that Mr. Mathers is NOT "The Gatekeeper". "This would be someone that they respect, not despise."

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Seeking Professional Help

My neighbors, as open as they were about the history of this area, managed to leave one tidbit of (what I would see as) important information out of their recollections. This piece of the puzzle has convinced me that it is time for me to seek out help from a "paranormal" professional, which is what I will be spending the next couple of weeks trying to accomplish.

While I would like to relay the whole story to you as it was told to me, the truth is that I really don't remember too much of it since I was a little pre-occupied with each little piece as it was being told. In other words, I have the important parts.

Some years back, the field behind where I am currently living was being used by "satanic fanatics" as a place to hold meetings, rituals, etc. One of these "rituals" was some sort of "conjuring" ritual involving strange music and (freaky part) the blood of female virgins.

What were they trying to "conjure" up with this ritual? Well, depending on who you ask, it was either the "man downstairs" or one of the more powerful members of their society who had recently passed on.

The blood of the virgin was used as a "gateway unto the other side", a way for those on this side to make "contact" with those on the "other side", or a way for those on the "other side" to cross over into our side (again, depending on who you talk to).

Anywho, long story short, someone in the area wasn't too pleased with all of this happening under his nose, so he got a group of people together and tried to put a stop to it by using "any means necessary".

Well, this plan back-fired and all those who participated in trying to get rid of the (as they put it) "cult" were eventually tracked down and had really bad things happen to them. This included the leader of the revolt, Thomas Mathers, and his seventeen year old daughter, Sarah Mathers.

"Both of which were skinned alive, their blood said to penetrate deep into the earth below our very feet," one neighbor recounted.

The rock formation, which I have caught on video, is said to be the place where the tree from which their bodies hung once stood.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Confused: More then Usual

Last night the couple showed up while I slept again. This time the man who wears the mask of evil showed me another "sign", not of something that I recognized, but of my blog.

This morning was spent connecting this new "sign" to what has already transpired. My friends have stepped forward once again to provide some insight into the previous sign and its "connection" to a group called "The Order of the Nine Angels". With this in mind I did a little investigating and found a very recently added blog called "The Nine Angels of New York", located here.

Needless to say my views of the man that comes to me are somewhat distorted at this point in time. I do not know if his previous sign was a "warning" or a way of pointing me in a certain direction.

Am I supposed to find these things? Are these nightly visits meant to stop what is happening? Or to keep me from stopping what is supposed to happen?

Are these "warnings" or cries for "assistance" from those whom many can not see?

I do not know, thus I am confused... more then usual.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

The "Ghost Train"

*Please read the whole post before playing the video*

As promised, here is the video that I captured this past Sunday of the "ghost train", which comes by on the first Sunday of every month at a quarter to midnight.

According to the legend, as told to me by my neighbors, a train derailed some time ago on now non-existent tracks. All those aboard where killed in the accident. If you listen carefully, near the beginning, you can actually hear the "ghost train" go over one of the metal tracks (you only hear this once at :23, unlike with a "real" train, where you would hear it constantly). I have been told that this is the point in time when the "train" jumped its tracks and that the rest of what you hear is the train completing the journey it never completed on that fateful night.

*If video will not play, it is because YouTube is being a butt. I will fix any problems as they are relayed to me.*

He Comes to me.... Alone!

My afternoon nap, which is more often then not (more or less) uneventful, turned out to be something other then that today.

Normally I would wait to post this sort of event in order to give myself time to think about my dreams and their relation to my life, but this clearly had nothing to do with my current situation.

The man in my latest dreams came to me during my nap and showed me a sign, which I have recreated to the best of my abilities for you below. Its meaning is a mystery to me at this point in time, but I have a feeling that it involves his relation to the young woman who normally accompanies him (but was strangely absent this time).

His face told me enough to know that this "visit" was a "warning" of sorts. But to what I do not know. I have done nothing (to my knowledge) that would lead me to believe that I have stepped on anyone's toes. I am not persisting any of the stories that I have been told by my neighbors nor have I been in such a way that would leave one to believe that I am struggling to find truth in any of them.

However, as I mentioned earlier, his face told me the purpose of his visit. Somehow I have gotten involved in something that I certainly did not intend to.

Is it the girl? Are her visits to me the reason why this man felt the need to "warn" me of things that I have yet to understand? And what of this girl who has decided to curse me with her nightly presence? Why come to me? What did I do to deserve this?

I leave you now with the symbol that I was shown. Maybe someone out there will be able to shed some light on it, its purpose and, hopefully, why it was shown to me.

Feeling Better Now

These past few days have been interesting to say the least. Needless to say, I've been extremely sick and that this is the first time that I have had the strength to get out of bed in order to make it the 6 feet to my computer and post this message.

Sunday night was an interesting night as well. I captured the sounds of the ghost train on video tape (which I will be posting in the morning after I have had a little bit more time to gain enough energy to stay awake long enough to do so) but captured no sightings of it.

However, one can not dismiss that my sickness soon followed. Whether this is due to the ghost train or not, I do not know. After doing a little bit of research on paranormal activity, I found that someone who does not know what they are doing (ie., me) risks bringing home a little bit more then they had intended to if the doors to the "other side" are not closed properly. This is probably something that I should have looked into prior to this "experiment". But, that is then and this is now.

As for now, well, there are my dreams to talk about.

A man and a woman.
One old and one young.
Control and obedience.
These things are apparent from "watching" my dreams unfold over the past few nights.

She reaches out to me. He makes sure that she does not get too close.
She wears a mask of concern. He wears a mask of evil.

I do not know what this means, but it can not be anything good. I have seen control. I have been obedience. While these masks are new to me, they remind me of a scared dog and its master.

I wonder how true this really is.

Friday, November 03, 2006

My new "love interest"

Having a full day to reflect on the stories that were recently relayed to me about this area has opened up an interest in the paranormal, minus all of the wacky things like "UFO's" and creatures like "Bigfoot".

One of the stories that was told to me was about a "ghost train" that can be heard chugging along in the woods behind where I live on the first Sunday of every month. I hope to document this "train" this Sunday and post the video on the net if things go according to plan (ie., the darn thing shows up).

While I do not know how to go about being a "paranormal investigator" correctly, I hope that my video will at least prove the story to be true as it has been told.

Some reasons for the sound of the train being heard this far away from any tracks (driving around the area, the closest tracks appear to be about 10 miles from my current location) is the fact that sound tends to carry much further at night then during the day. Already the skeptic in me wants to dismiss this "ghost train" before I can even experience it first hand.

We shall see, I suppose.

Gotta love fast service

Right, so it appears that I was a little bit too, what's the word(?), "quick" in my most recent post. Thanks to the wonderful people at the cable company, my internet connection is up and running.

When I posted from Kinko's, I had $6 on my card left and wanted to post something that I thought would be the most important information to know (ie., I moved far away from Alli and probably wouldn't have an internet connection to speak of for quite some time). However, life has thrown in another one of its many joyful "curveballs" and now I must take a step back in the hopes of regaining what ever dignity I currently have left.

Granted, I really did not know what the future had in store for me, nor does anyone for that matter. So, I thought it best to play it safe and let all of my dear readers know, rather then leave you all hanging wondering where I was (there is nothing like getting excited about seeing your friends again only to have them become absent a short time later with absolutely no explanation).

But, that is then and this is now.

Now for the good stuff: After arriving at my new place, I met with the neighbors and heard their wonderful, and sometimes odd, stories. It appears as though I have opted to move to an area with a little bit of a haunted/satanic history. In fact, I have captured some strange rock and stick formations in my new backyard which I will be posting on a video site (under derktollin) sometime soon.

I will also be posting some of the stories that I have heard in the hopes of making this blog at least a little bit entertaining.

Until then...

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Move and the need for a break.

If you have not heard, or maybe you have, I have moved to another town and, truth be told, a completely different state. Because of this event, I will not be here as often as I had hoped. A new town means a new job, a new life, a new car, a new internet connection (hello, from Kinko's, btw) and so many other things that trying to keep in contact with my many friends will become more of a challenge then I had hoped it would become.

I did not tell Alli where I was moving. In fact, I only told her what I believed she wanted to hear from me when we last spoke.

The truth is that I needed to be away from it all. The past, Alison and just my life in general. If I knew that it would also mean being away from my on-line friends as well, I probably would have thought this move through a little bit more carefully. I just really didn't know how this new found freedom and the move itself would effect me personally, emotionally and financially.

It goes without saying that I will be back. When? Well, I can not say for certain, but I hope it will be soon.

Look for me to update my blog again sometime in January. I figure that by then, things will be in place and will allow me to talk to you like I would like to.