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Thursday, November 09, 2006

The "Ghost Train"

*Please read the whole post before playing the video*

As promised, here is the video that I captured this past Sunday of the "ghost train", which comes by on the first Sunday of every month at a quarter to midnight.

According to the legend, as told to me by my neighbors, a train derailed some time ago on now non-existent tracks. All those aboard where killed in the accident. If you listen carefully, near the beginning, you can actually hear the "ghost train" go over one of the metal tracks (you only hear this once at :23, unlike with a "real" train, where you would hear it constantly). I have been told that this is the point in time when the "train" jumped its tracks and that the rest of what you hear is the train completing the journey it never completed on that fateful night.

*If video will not play, it is because YouTube is being a butt. I will fix any problems as they are relayed to me.*


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