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Friday, November 03, 2006

Gotta love fast service

Right, so it appears that I was a little bit too, what's the word(?), "quick" in my most recent post. Thanks to the wonderful people at the cable company, my internet connection is up and running.

When I posted from Kinko's, I had $6 on my card left and wanted to post something that I thought would be the most important information to know (ie., I moved far away from Alli and probably wouldn't have an internet connection to speak of for quite some time). However, life has thrown in another one of its many joyful "curveballs" and now I must take a step back in the hopes of regaining what ever dignity I currently have left.

Granted, I really did not know what the future had in store for me, nor does anyone for that matter. So, I thought it best to play it safe and let all of my dear readers know, rather then leave you all hanging wondering where I was (there is nothing like getting excited about seeing your friends again only to have them become absent a short time later with absolutely no explanation).

But, that is then and this is now.

Now for the good stuff: After arriving at my new place, I met with the neighbors and heard their wonderful, and sometimes odd, stories. It appears as though I have opted to move to an area with a little bit of a haunted/satanic history. In fact, I have captured some strange rock and stick formations in my new backyard which I will be posting on a video site (under derktollin) sometime soon.

I will also be posting some of the stories that I have heard in the hopes of making this blog at least a little bit entertaining.

Until then...


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