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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Move and the need for a break.

If you have not heard, or maybe you have, I have moved to another town and, truth be told, a completely different state. Because of this event, I will not be here as often as I had hoped. A new town means a new job, a new life, a new car, a new internet connection (hello, from Kinko's, btw) and so many other things that trying to keep in contact with my many friends will become more of a challenge then I had hoped it would become.

I did not tell Alli where I was moving. In fact, I only told her what I believed she wanted to hear from me when we last spoke.

The truth is that I needed to be away from it all. The past, Alison and just my life in general. If I knew that it would also mean being away from my on-line friends as well, I probably would have thought this move through a little bit more carefully. I just really didn't know how this new found freedom and the move itself would effect me personally, emotionally and financially.

It goes without saying that I will be back. When? Well, I can not say for certain, but I hope it will be soon.

Look for me to update my blog again sometime in January. I figure that by then, things will be in place and will allow me to talk to you like I would like to.


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