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Friday, November 03, 2006

My new "love interest"

Having a full day to reflect on the stories that were recently relayed to me about this area has opened up an interest in the paranormal, minus all of the wacky things like "UFO's" and creatures like "Bigfoot".

One of the stories that was told to me was about a "ghost train" that can be heard chugging along in the woods behind where I live on the first Sunday of every month. I hope to document this "train" this Sunday and post the video on the net if things go according to plan (ie., the darn thing shows up).

While I do not know how to go about being a "paranormal investigator" correctly, I hope that my video will at least prove the story to be true as it has been told.

Some reasons for the sound of the train being heard this far away from any tracks (driving around the area, the closest tracks appear to be about 10 miles from my current location) is the fact that sound tends to carry much further at night then during the day. Already the skeptic in me wants to dismiss this "ghost train" before I can even experience it first hand.

We shall see, I suppose.


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