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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Philip Monroe

I have found a local Parapsychologist who is willing to help us out a bit on this case. His name is Philip Monroe and is familiar with this area, its history and more then enough about the Mathers and "The Nine Angels".

I will post more information as it comes in. However, right now, here is what I know:

Philip has agreed to set up a temporary free web-site until he can get a full web-site up and running to hold any and all information on. The free site, according to Mr. Monroe, will be up within the next couple of days (he's busy investigating a residential establishment at the moment, but said that he will get to putting it up as soon as possible). I will post a link to the site as soon as it is up.

Also, Mr. Monroe has said that the person that "The Nine Angels" are trying to get in contact with, while he has not given me an exact name at the moment, is someone that they call "The Gatekeeper"*. According to Mr. Monroe, "The Gatekeeper" is someone who "The Nine Angels" believe will bring the group back to when the group still held power over the area.

He mentioned that he did not know enough at the moment to confirm if "bringing them back" meant "back in time" or if it meant "back into power". But, no matter what the meaning is, Mr. Monroe has said that either meaning could result in an unfavorable result for this area and, depending on how the group decides to proceed if they acquire control of this area, the world. To quote: "I had always known that they would try something like this, but I never thought that they would have found a way to possibly succeed. If they were to succeed, we are looking at a massive amount of death. You must understand, these people are looking to become the predominant 'species' on this planet. Going back to a time when the area interference would be at its least means that they could gain a massive amount of control in a short period of time using modern-day technology. However, if they are not looking to go back in time, then they are definitely considering harnessing a power that would overwhelm even the most sophisticated of todays technology."

*Mr. Monroe has confirmed that Mr. Mathers is NOT "The Gatekeeper". "This would be someone that they respect, not despise."


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