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Wednesday, November 22, 2006


According to Mr. Monroe, he was able to locate the older "Nine Angels of New York State" web-site (located here). However, we are still working on the clues given to me by Mr. Mathers, which we both believe are intended to be for the numbers located on the "newer" "Nine Angels of New York" site.

The clues:

1) Julia Roberts
2) The "Mona Lisa"
3) Flowers (Sunflowers, to be exact)

While in the IRC room I was able to talk to Russell. He was able to find, via some research on his part, that there was some connection to a famous painter (whose name escapes me at the moment) and "paint by numbers". What this has to do with the numbers found on the "newer" "Nine Angels" site, though, is something that still has yet to be discovered.

Mr. Monroe also spoke about how there are two options at this point in time, when talking about how to go forward from this point:

1) Find the location of the "Ramaldi Crystal" and destroy it;
2) Find the location of the "second coming" in order to interrupt the ritual that is supposed to take place at some point between "New Years Eve" and "New Years Day".

We hope to tackle at least one of these options with your help.


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